no i don't think i miss you anymore. maybe i miss your body, how safe i felt in your arms because you're just that much bigger than i am. i miss the silly things we used to do together. you always act so differently when with other people - only i got to see the epic-ly idiotic side of you and it was adorable.

but i think it was obvious to both of us that we were slow dancing in a burning room for almost a year. except you slowly decided to give up while i thought that if i tried harder we could reverse this tragedy.

you leave on sunday - before we broke up i always imagined how that day would pan out. what would that last hug feel like? would i cry as you walked into the departure hall? now i think i won't be there on sunday. i'm not sure if the other dmat-ers are going but i doubt i have it in me to be there. so maybe i'll just give you a call and wish you all the best.