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you asked if we could go and find the battery charger last sunday but you ended up ditching me for your friends. said you'd be on leave the whole week so you could get it yourself. and today you ask me if i can go find it because you're busy this week? HELLO? THE PAST SEVEN FUCKING DAYS?

why do i still have to put up with this shit
looks like you're getting everything you wanted.

i think i lost, and i lost bad.
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stuff to write about:

music - lasalle composers' mini recital
food - mother's day
misc - why i loved star trek
misc - why i hate dentals
need a new name for the new blog is all
closing this blog soon.
last night i dreamt what can only be said to be a mash up of all the feelings i've had this week -

it involved me and a group of friends looking to cycle around a private estate and a large intimidating man calling us out for being christian. 'why are all your friends christian, what's wrong with you, don't you need other friends', he said. 'you can't cycle here, christian people'. i said 'bring it' and erupted into a war of words. while everyone just stood there. it was like time stood still.
to do list:

1. classroom observation notes (friday)
2. 3257 project (due wed)
3. points for 3207 essay (monday)
4. interviews for 2000 (over the weekend)

holy mother cow it's april
took part in a singing evaluation study yesterday - first time signing up for any experimental study! the project seemed rather meaningful after i soke to the people conducting it - sam and kenny. they were really friendly and as sam said 'we're getting along, we're kindred spirits right? we're all singers here!' it was really fun getting through 20 songs unaccompanied. and to be in a recording studio again. i may have been paid in co-op vouchers instead of cash, but it didn't diminish the experience in any way. i have the option to earn a couple of hundred bucks if i help them out in the summer but we'll see if i want to get this involved. they said i may even be able to turn it into full summer internship, whatever that entails.

cell group watched the passion of the christ yesterday. i guess i'm really not into all the gory hardhitting visuals but if that is really what our Lord went through, then he must really love us - blameless yet suffered the worst pain for us sinners. couldn't sleep for hours, not sure if it was because of the movie or other reasons.

it's been a not-so-good maundy thursday for me - didn't manage to successfully switch my shift for the day and so i'm not at Mass and i'm feeling extremely detached from this holy week. however i've been trying to insert prayers for friends and loved ones throughout the day to keep reminding myself of the love of God.